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Knowing a resume matches a Job description is not enough, hence we take it one step ahead to know if the candidate has the required primary skills to succeed in a given job. 

Skills Framework Components

The WorkMap framework measures a total of 20 functions, each measured by 6 competencies that have been validated by functional experts. 

  • WorkMap Assessment is built by a team of I/O Psychologists;
  • We have targeted 20 Job functions which cover most of the jobs in the market;
  • You can choose a function that relates to your job posting from the list of 20 functions as listed above;
  • Job functions like Finance, Sales, HR, Logistics, Healthcare etc.;
  • Candidates are presented with a set of statements which are very activity driven;
  • Candidates can choose from an agreableness scale of 1 to 7.
  • WorkMap Assessment scores help you evaluate if the candidate has all the primary skills that are required for the job;
  • Skill assessment scores also help us determine future success of the candidate;
  • You can choose the skills which are more relevant and have the flexibility to remove any skills that you deem not required for the job;
  • WorkMap Assessment is an aid to remove any irrelevant profile that do not fit your requirement.

Disabling WorkMap from an interview.

Yes, you can disable WorkMap from an active interview by following the simple steps:

  • Go to Interviews,  click on the elipsis next to the interview name;
  • Click “Edit job”
  • Shift the Job Function to "General”;
  • OR you can simply toggle “No” in the Enable WorkMap assessment section (as shown in the image).
  • Once you update the changes, your candidates will not get the WorkMap assessment. 

Hope this helps. 

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