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Knowing a resume matches a Job description is not enough, hence we take it one step ahead to know if the candidate has the required primary skills to succeed in a given job. 

  • WorkMap Assessment is built by a team of I/O Psychologists;
  • We have targeted 20 Job functions which cover most of the jobs in the market;
  • You can choose a function that relates to your job posting from the list of 20 functions;
  • Job functions like Finance, Sales, HR, Logistics, Healthcare etc.;
  • Candidates are presented with a set of statements which are very activity driven;
  • Candidates can choose from an agreableness scale of 1 to 7.
  • WorkMap Assessment scores help you evaluate if the candidate has all the primary skills that are required for the job;
  • Skill assessment scores also help us determine future success of the candidate;
  • You can choose the skills which are more relevant and have the flexibility to remove any skills that you deem not required for the job;
  • WorkMap Assessment is an aid to remove any irrelevant profile that do not fit your requirement.

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