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Integrate with Calendly without any hassle


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  • We provide easy integration with your Calendly account;
  • If you do not have a Calendly account, then we can either create one for you or allow your candidates to view a default calendar.

About Calendly Integration

Setting up Calendly to your InterviewerAI account in simple steps:
  1. Visit
  2. Copy key from Calendly;
  3. Visit Interviewer.AI, login to your account;
  4. Click on Settings > Integrations;
  5. Paste the Calendly API Key and Save.
  • Once Calendly is set up;
  • You can click “Schedule Interview” in the dashboard view;
  • Choose your Calendly meeting type;
  • Edit the email template (if required);
  • Candidates will select a convenient time from your calendar and save your time following up. 
  • In the absence of Calendly, we still provide you with a default calendar;
  • You can choose the Date, time and duration of interview;
  • Candidate can accept the same accordingly.

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