Collaborating with Team members

Adding/Removing Team members


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Why work alone, when you can collaborate with your team through our platform!

In order to add a team member, you need to have Admin level access.

How do you check that?

  • Click on Team tab;
  • Check your role value.

You can invite team members using the following steps:

  1. Click on Invite New Users;
  2. Enter email address/es of your team member/s;
  3. You can enter multiple email addresses;

Once a user is added, they will receive an email to Join the team.

Once the user confirms, he will show as Active under yoReur Team section.

Removing a team member/s

Click on Team tab; Click on the elipsis against the respective team member and click Remove User.

Assigning interviews to New users / Team members

Assigning interviews to new users is real simple:

  • Click on the ellipsis;
  • Select Assign To
  • Upon clicking Assign To;
  • Select the User who should have access to the interview;

In case you would like to revoke an existing users access;

  • You can uncheck this option. 

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